Basement Conversions & Cellar Tanking

At Prestige Prestige you can rest assured that we have qualified surveyors as we do for all departments of our business. Our waterproofing surveyors are CSSW qualified (Certified Surveyor for Structural Waterproofing) which is our highest industry standard. Since 1984 Prestige Preservation Ltd has carried out structural waterproofing projects for many clients both private and commercial including refurbishment of existing basements.


Damp Proofing Basements & Cellars West Midlands

Our qualifications mean that we can carry out works in accordance with British Standards 8102 (2009), this standard categorises basements into three grades being;

  • Grade 1 for carparks, workshops and plant rooms for example where some degree of seepage and areas of dampness are acceptable ,
  • Grade 2 for work shops and plant rooms requiring a drier environment where seepage is unacceptable.
  • Grade 3 for habitable areas to include offices and restuarants etc that require a dry environment where seepage is unacceptable and ventilation will be required.

Needless to say the majority of conversions are to British Standards BS8102 (2009) for domestic purposes.


In addition to the above grades basement systems are divided into three categories being; 

  • Type A: Barrier protection such as bonded sheet membranes, cementitious render systems, epoxy resin systems and crystallization products amongst others.
  • Type B: Re-inforced concrete which may contain waterproofing additives, these are used for new build basements.
  • Type C: Controlled drainage systems. These are generally generic cavity drainage systems linked to perimeter drainage which is then drained to either natural or pumped drainage. This type of system is becoming more and more popular due to its fast application and lack of required preparation.


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