Cellar and Basement Conversions Ladywood, Birmingham

plus Basement Tanking and Cellar Damp Proofing

Do you have a damp cellar or basement in Ladywood? Why not convert it to a dry warm environment to make more space in your home. Just think, a how it could enhance your family’s lifestyle. A place to watch movies, a hobbies studio or even a great playroom for the kids.


The possibilities are endless including:

  • Home office/study
  • Keep fit equipment
  • Drum practice
  • Extra TV or movie room
  • Children’s games room/playroom
  • Laundry room
  • Music practice


Be sure to use experts with years of experience to ensure you avoid costly mistakes. Start by choosing a company to assess the viability of a cellar or basement conversion and the likely costs associated.

We have tried and tested methods of providing you with a cellar or basement conversion with full guarantees.

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