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If you are making your property ready for sale or are in the process of renovating your home, feel secure in the knowledge that our works are recognised by banks, lenders and the authorities that matter. Our specialists only ever carry and install named damp proofing products from a wide range of manufacturers to ensure that you receive the most impartial consideration for your requirements anywhere. Find out more about Damp Proofing here >>


Help with Damp Proofing in Redditch

 Rising Damp and why you should have a Damp Proof Course

Whilst not all homes unprotected by damp proofing will suffer from rising damp, a damp proof course will create a barrier against the infiltration of any ground water which may exist under your property. As a preventative measure, damp proofing will stop the process of Capillarity, where water is soaked up through the masonry, which if left untreated, may give rise to tell tale white salt water deposits within your home.


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Causes of Damp plus Wet & Dry Rot in Redditch

Spotting the difference between a Wet Rot and Dry Rot infection within your home is not a simple task unless you are a trained expert. Prestige Preservation can help.


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