Rising Damp Proofing & Wet & Dry Rot Solutions Warwick

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Damp Proof Course Installations in Warwick

As a totally independent Damp Proofing specialist at Prestige Preservation we pride ourselves on delivering a best in class service throughout the Warwickshire area. Not only are we approved by the BWPDA and the Property Care association, but we source all of our products from a variety of established Damp Proofing manufacturers so that our customers can be certain that they are receiving a truly impartial and bespoke service.


How does a Damp Proof Courses protect your property from Rising Damp?

Put very simply, a damp proofing solution will provide a barrier between rising water and the structure of your premises. When water exists above the normal levels below your home or property, and particularly in areas where the soil or ground is given to poor drainage, then water will try and find a way to permeate the nearest conductor it comes into contact with. Via Capillarity, the water will rise through porous materials (such as brickwork) until it can travel no further and reaches saturation point. Without proper damp proofing throughout your property you may effectively be inviting rising damp to enter your home.


Dry and Wet Rot Specialist Surveyor Services in Warwick

To the trained eye, spotting the difference between wet and dry rot is a fairly straight-forward task. Both types of rot will exist under quite different circumstances. If you are not sure what types of fungi your are experiencing in your home, then our surveyors will be only to glad to assist. There are various types of Wet Rot, which mostly attacks timbers whereas Dry Rot exists in only one strain but which can travel through brickwork in order to find another source to feed on. True Dry Rot is the most damaging type of rot you will encounter.


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