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To keep condensation and associated mould growth to a minimum three items are considered essential:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation

When windows and walls are streaming with moisture and mould growth starts to appear, one or more of the above are usually missing.

What causes condensation & how can you stop condensation problems?

With more and more properties becoming draught proofed and insulated air flow (ventilation) can become restricted. Added to this:

  • if the property is poorly heated the air cannot absorb so much moisture &
  • if the external walls are not insulated any warm air is attracted to the cold surface and condenses as it quickly cools.


Drying clothes inside, bathing, cooking, washing, fridges and freezers all produce levels of moisture that can contribute to condensation and mould growth.

If heating is not provided on a regular basis and at reasonable temperatures the air within the property can become too cold, and will have the ability to absorb less moisture vapour, so the condensation becomes worse.

Opening a window is not always an option and if the air is drawn into the property and is colder than the air within the room the condensation will drop towards the floor, giving the impression that it has been cleared. As soon as the window is shut and the heating is turned on the level of condensation rises and hits the cold surfaces again and over a period of times gets worse still.

Mould growth is believed to be a hazard to heath and aggravate respiratory problems and has been recorded as an issue in many instances.

How to stop condensation problems

  • Ventilation can usually be obtained by the installation of one our positive input ventilation units, this would create a slight positive pressure that removes old damp, stale air and replenishes it with clean filtered fresh air.
  • Thermal boarding can also help on cold external walls, again provided that adequate heating and ventilation is maintained.
  • We also have a range of anti-mould washes, anti-mould paints and anti-condensation paints at our disposal to help in more remote areas of your property.

Home owners and Landlords: think your property has condensation?

Why not upload a photo to us so that we can provide you with some expert advice.

Prestige Preservation would like to help you improve the internal environment and appearance of you property by installing condensation solutions that will work for you.

We provide quality, long lasting solutions to combat condensation problems.

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