Cellar and Basement Conversions

We also provide Basement Tanking & Cellar Damp Proofing services around the Wolverhampton area

Converting a cellar or basement is highly specialised. To get it right and save an expensive mistake, you will need to employ experienced professionals.

Let us help with expert information and years of experience. Our customer testimonials speak volumes and we are happy to show you examples of our work to provide you with answers to as many questions as you can ask.

Depending what you want to use this new space for will determine a number of factors including the cost. Speaking to our team at Prestige Preservation, starting with a visit and detailed survey, will ensure your property is suitable and you don’t receive any unpleasant surprises during the work.


Waterproofing your cellar or basement is key.

Our basement systems are divided into three categories being; 

  • Type A: Barrier protection such as bonded sheet membranes, cementitious render systems, epoxy resin systems and crystallization products amongst others.
  • Type B: Re-inforced concrete which may contain waterproofing additives, these are used for new build basements.
  • Type C: Controlled drainage systems. These are generally generic cavity drainage systems linked to perimeter drainage which is then drained to either natural or pumped drainage. This type of system is becoming more and more popular due to its fast application and lack of required preparation.

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We also provide services to Pelsall, Bilston, Wednesfield, Great Bridge & Willenhall