Cellar and Basement Conversions Shrewsbury

plus Basement Tanking and Cellar Damp Proofing

Moving home is expensive and disruptive. Why not convert a damp cellar or large cluttered basement into proper living space for your family home in and around Shrewsbury?


Is your cellar or basement damp?

Basements and cellars usually have poor ventilation as they are underneath the property or below ground getting little or no sunlight.

With few areas where moisture can escape, such as windows, the moisture settles along the walls and floors.

In the UK, foundations of the majority of homes & properties are made of solid cement. Put in simple terms, this is why basements and cellars get damp and smelly.

Whilst it doesn’t seem likely that water would be able to penetrate cement it does happen. Also, because of the lower levels basement or cellar location, it also gets in via any number of areas, and then collects in basements and cellars. 


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Basements & cellar conversions are good for:

  • Utility or laundry space
  • Additional television
  • Home cinema
  • Playroom
  • Home office
  • Exercise space
  • Music practice


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We also work in Stourport on Severn & Bewdley areas